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The most natural type of human locomotion is undoubtedly walking - barefoot walking. Have you ever watched your own or the walk of your fellow human beings and paid attention to the noise generated? How aesthetically does that look for you? Does it sound natural?


In the cold months, I particularly notice that small children stumble or shuffle in high, sturdy winter shoes. The movements look somewhat awkward, even though the children walk normally barefoot or in lighter summer shoes. 




The foundation of the body are your feets. Too tight shoes in the area of the forefoot do not only deform toes and bales, but together with raised heels and molded footbed they impair the entire body statics. Sturdy footwear hinders the sensorimotor capabilities of the healthy foot. They force a gait that leaves the natural shock absorption of the foot almost unused. Natural light-footed movement patterns are shifted to the disadvantage of other muscle groups. Higher body tension takes sooner or later their toll on the joints and are visible to the attentive eye quite early in the body structure.


Everyone can walk barefoot at home. In the social environment, most people find it inappropriate.

The logical consequence of the Senmotic fascia mobilization are therefore specially developed minimalist shoes. Senmotic barefoot shoes come very close to the natural barefoot walking and have the following advantages:


        No heels

       ✔ Wide forefoot

        Super light & highly flexible


Senmotic barefoot shoes are sold exclusively through the online store. New attractive offers are submitted every month.


         High quality leather

         Real craftsmanship

         Made in Germany


Senmotic barefoot shoes
Senmotic barefoot shoes