Spirální Stabilizace Páteře


Condition training for:



  sedentary work

  computer workplaces


preventive exercises to avoid:


  back pain


  herniated discs


Spiral stabilization of the spine (SPS), formerly known as the SM system, is a unique method for the rehabilitation of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. Dr. med. Smišek developed the method almost 40 years ago and has successfully used it ever since, thus proving its unique effectiveness. The SPS method is based on the training of the muscle chains. The exercises serve both for the effective treatment of back pain, for the prevention of spinal prolapses and scoliosis. Our goal is a healthy, satisfied and painless person.




The body of an athlete requires special care, which is often lacking. Shortened muscular connective tissue (fascia) and imbalances reduce the natural range of movement and thus prevent optimal athletic performance. This can overload the spine and reduce resistance to injury. Due to the many years of experience of Dr. med. Richard Smíšek we have created a regeneration and conditioning program. This program enables athletes to improve their performance, prevent injuries and maintain their health.